I’ve been interested in radio for many years and hold an Amateur Radio licence with the call sign M1ACB. First licensed as 2E1CRV in 1994 then M1ACB with a short spell as M3SGT.

I’m the RSGB General Manager and a member of FDARS, MRS, IRC, LARC, ESWR, DMU ARS, Camb-Hams, CDXC, ARRL, RAC and of course the Radio Society of Great Britain.

I was one of the organisers and treasurer for the ESWR Ipswich Radio Rally for many years. I also enjoy helping with the teaching of Amateur Radio training courses, doing some portable radio operation and just chatting on the HF bands when I have the time.

My interest in radio contesting started with the RSGB Backpackers contests 1997-99. I joined the DMUARS G3SDC team for winning entries in the 2003-06 RSGB VHF NFD contests, also joining them for winning entries in the 2004-06 RSGB 80m Club Championships and the 2008-11 RSGB 80m Club Sprints. I’m still occasionally part of the DMUARS team for the 80M club contests and try to join M6T, GR2HQ, M4U and G3PYE for other contests as often as possible.

I was part of the Camb-Hams DXpedition to the Isle of Arran in 2011, the Isles of Mull, Lunga and Staffa in 2012, the Isle of Mull again in 2013, then the Isle of Lewis and the Shiant Isles in 2014 – using the callsigns GS3PYE/P and GS6PYE/P.

Steve, M1ACB

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