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GS3PYE/P on the Isle of Lewis 2014

March 18, 2014

LewisI’ll be travelling to the Scottish Isles with Camb-Hams again this year.

We will be operating GS3PYE/P from the Isle of Lewis (IOTA EU-010) on 26 April – 3 May 2014.

Camb-Hams have been activating the Scottish Isles each year since 2008 and will be travelling to the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Outer Hebrides in 2014. Thirteen operators will be active on all bands and many modes from 4m to 80m, 2m & 70cm for Satellites and 2m & 23cm for EME.

The HF bands will be covered by five simultaneous stations, while the 6m & 4m stations will have a great take-off towards the UK and Europe from the island’s northern tip in IO68 square. All stations will be able to run at the full UK power limit.

EME operations will use 150W to 55 elements on 23cm and 400W to 17 elements on 2m. Primarily on JT65 but also available for CW skeds – if your station is big enough.

Satellite operations on 2m & 70cm will use X-Quad antennas and a fully automatic Az/El tracking system. Activity is planned on AO-7 (mode B), VO-52, FO-29, SO-50 & AO-73.

Contest operations will take place in the RSGB 70MHz UKAC on 29 April.

A number of the group hope to make an extra trip to operate as GS6PYE/P from the Shiant Isles (IOTA EU-112). They are aiming for afternoon/early evening operations on 28 April, but may switch to 30 April if the weather is bad.

The group will be active on HF mobile and APRS as they travel, starting on 25 April.
All the up-to-date plans and progress will be on dx.camb-hams.com

Most importantly, we are a group of good friends doing what we enjoy, so please give us a call and enjoy the trip with us. We will be active on the major social networks before, during and after the trip. You can check on progress and interact with the operators via our blog at dx.camb-hams.com or through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube .

Please email skeds-2014@camb-hams.com to arrange skeds on the more challenging bands and modes. VHF and EME skeds will also be made via ON4KST, HB9Q (1296) and N0UK’s EME Chat (144). All links are available via dx.camb-hams.com

Update : We had an excellent DXpedition to Lewis and the Shiant Isles.
Photographs are available in my GS3PYE/P Lewis 2014 and GS3PYE/P Shiants 2014 galleries and a  video of us operating GS6PYE/P from the Shepherds Hut on the Shiant Isles is available on YouTube. You might also enjoying watching our boat ride back form the Shiants after the weather changed a bit.

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