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G100RSGB with F&DARS

July 24, 2013


I’ll be operating RSGB Centenary station, G100RSGB with F&DARS on 26/27 July 2013, from a former US Defense [sic] Communications Station on the eastern edge of Ipswich. The site used to be responsible for providing communications for the effective global command and control of US and NATO forces in Europe and South East Asia, before it finally closed in 1992. More details of the history of the station are available from the Suffolk Aviation Heritage Group

FDARS G100RSGBF&DARS will be making this a special club weekend and will be encouraging as many of it members to operate the station as possible. Many of those members won’t have operated a special event station like this before, so please give them a call and help to make it a very enjoyable weekend.

We hope to be operating two or three HF stations, with occasional operation on VHF and UHF.
Locator JO02ob / WAB TM24 / IOTA EU-005 / RSGB Region 12

Watch the RSGB Alerts and Spots or follow G100RSGB on Twitter to keep up-to-date.

As if that wasn’t enough for one weekend, F&DARS will also be operating GB2SAH from the same site, as part of the Suffolk Aviation Heritage Group Military Heritage weekend taking place there on 27/28 July. We’ll switch to GB2SAH on Sunday, after G100RSGB passes to Loughton & Epping Forest ARS.

Update : Thank you to everyone who contacted us, either as G100RSGB or GB2SAH. We had a very successful but exhausting long weekend of radio. We are very happy to have made 1185 contacts as G100RSGB. Photographs are available in my FDARS G100RSGB gallery.

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