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Triple Club Contest Success 2012

January 8, 2013

2012 turned out to be an excellent contesting year for two of the radio clubs that I enter club contests with. I really enjoy the format of the various club contests because everyone in the team can contribute their various individual strengths while helping to build a great club/team spirit.

Camb-Hams finished in 1st place in the RSGB AFS Super League for Winter 2011-12. The league takes the combined results from six separate Affiliated Societies contests, so it’s a great team effort and a fantastic result. I took part in the three HF legs with the team.

RSGB AFS Super League - Winter 2011-12
                       50  1.8  144  3.5  3.5  432  Total
1 Camb-Hams           968  966  925  901  967  897  5624
2 Bristol CG         1000  983  800  951 1000  828  5562
3 Trowbridge & DARC   871  898 1000  568  856 1000  5193

De Montfort University ARS finished in 1st place in the RSGB 80m Club Championship 2012 (General Club). The series runs from February to July each year on the 80m band, with SSB, Data and CW legs each month, making a total of 18 legs. De Montfort University ARS won the championship for the first three years it was held, in 2004, 2005 and 2006, so it was great to return to the top of the table again. The Championship was split into two sections for the first time this year, with national clubs entering the General Club section and local clubs entering the Local Club section (with all their members operating within 35km of the club’s usual meeting place). Norfolk ARC won the Local Club section with a higher score than the De Montfort University ARS General Club score, so Norfolk ARC take the G5RV trophy. Many congratulations to Norfolk ARC – a fantastic effort involving a large number of their members.

I was really pleased to achieve my own personal goal of entering all 18 legs of the Championship this year to contribute to the De Montfort University ARS team score. Next year, I’ll focus on improving each of my individual scores.

RSGB 80M Club Championship 2012
General Club Scores
1 De Montfort University ARS  123,535
2 Bristol CG                  117,974
3 Three As CG                 108,191

Local Club Scores
1 Norfolk ARC                 148,366
2 Tall Trees CG                71,977
3 Horsham ARC                  68,498

De Montfort University ARS also finished in 1st place in the RSGB 80m Club Sprint 2012. The series runs from August to November each year on the 80m band, with SSB and CW legs each month, making a total of 8 legs. De Montfort University ARS have won the 80m Club Sprint series every year since it was formally run in 2008. I only managed a small contribution to the team score this year, but still enjoyed the legs I took part in.

RSGB 80m Club Sprint 2012
1 De Montfort University ARS   46,085
2 Three As CG                  37,622
3 Travelling Wave CG           25,392
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