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UBN Report for RSGB 80m AFS CW

March 2, 2012 Comments off

The UBN Reports are out for the RSGB 80m AFS CW Contest which took place on 8 Jan 2012.

My own UBN report is copied below. I’m really happy with only dropping 3 QSO’s (30 points) because I don’t really ‘do’ CW and need a lot of help and concentration to even follow the very predictable contest exchanges. Two of the ‘broken’ serial numbers are very understandable (85/95 and 28/128) but what was I thinking when I mistakenly logged 111 instead of 165 ?

I finished with 147 adjudicated QSO’s for 1470 points, to make a small contribution to the Camb-Hams B team for 26th place in the contest. The Camb-Hams A team did really well this year, finishing in 9th place. Both teams making a significant improvement over last years placings. A good contest and I’d encourage others to give it a try.

Adjudication report for M1ACB for AFS Contest CW 2012
Date       Time  Call   RepTX SnTX RepRX SnRX CSnRX Band Mode Reason
08/01/2012 15:40 GM4SID 599    78  599    85   95   3537 CW   Broken:Serial RX
08/01/2012 16:53 G3LIK  599   125  599   111  165   3563 CW   Broken:Serial RX
08/01/2012 17:25 G3RKF  599   139  599    28  128   3548 CW   Broken:Serial RX
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