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1st Place for DMUARS in RSGB 80m Club Sprint 2011

December 11, 2011 Comments off

The result of the RSGB 80m Club Sprint 2011 contests have been announced and I’m very happy to say that the team I play a small part in has finished first again. De Montfort University ARS have now won the contest series for four years in succession to retain the Newbury Trophy.

RSGB 80m Club Sprint 2011        Final Results
Pos Club Name                    Total SSB   CW
1 * De Montfort University ARS   48106 25157 22949
2   Newbury & DARS               46095 25141 20954
3   Travelling Wave CG           40296 26625 13671
4   Three As CG                  33301 15659 17642
5   OSSETT ARO                   21715  9301 12414

1st place in the RSGB 80m Club Sprint and 2nd place in the RSGB 80m Club Championship make this a pretty good year.

DMUARS have some really great contesters in the team and I’m very pleased to be able to share some of the glory with them once again.

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