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2nd Place for DMUARS in RSGB 80m CC 2011

August 18, 2011 Comments off

The results of the RSGB 80m Club Championship 2011 have been published.

Congratulation to Bristol GC for maintaining their strong lead throughout the Championship. But the great news, as far as I’m concerned, is that De Montfort University ARS managed to fight off a very strong challenge from Norfolk ARC to finish in second place this year.

RSGB 80m Club Championship 2011   Final Results
Pos Club Name                     Total  CW    SSB   Data
1   Bristol CG                    147869 50227 53695 43947
2 * De Montfort University ARS    120557 39393 35402 45762
3   Norfolk ARC                   119697 38934 38123 42640
4   Newbury & DARS                 99747 37402 30342 32003
5   Three As CG                    85368 44167 24869 16332

I joined the De Montfort University ARS almost ten years ago and have been lucky enough to play a small part in many contest-winning team entries since then, collecting at least one team contest trophy every year, except for 2007 if I remember correctly.

It’s now time to concentrate on the RSGB 80m Club Sprints for 2011.

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A busy couple of weeks

August 10, 2011 Comments off

It’s been a really busy couple of weeks so I haven’t had much time to post anything here. I think that’s a good thing because the ‘doing’ is more important than the ‘writing’. I’m still short of time so this post isn’t going to be filled with details and deep thoughts, just a brief note of some of the things I’ve been doing and a few pictures to go with them …

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